Why Choose Priority Investor Loans?

Obtaining loans through traditional means (conventional bank financing) can seem laborious and emotionally taxing. Borrowers that choose this avenue may deal with many unnecessary inconveniences. Priority Investor Loans is a private money lender and one of the most respected lenders in the industry. We offer loans for every type of real estate investor, including those with “fix and flip” properties, rental properties, and many types of commercial properties.

If you are a real estate investor, trying to obtain a loan can be difficult and overwhelming. We are one of the leading experts in private hard money lending for a variety of property types, including multi-family and commercial properties. If you’ve found a property you’d like to invest in, and need funds quickly, PIL can help. We offer simple financing options and flexible, competitive rates on hard money loans. We also provide short-term loans that are more efficient, close quickly, and focus primarily on the value of the property and not the credit or financial history of the borrower.

Being one of the leading Texas hard money lenders in Houston, TX, we have the means to offer you the financial options you need to get the property you deserve. With our years of experience in real estate lending, PIL offers competitive rates, personalized service, and a dedicated staff.

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