Rental Property Loans

Let us suppose that you found the ideal rental property, but you’re now in need of financing. Finding the right private money lender can be an overwhelming endeavor. Texas is one of the ideal locations to invest in rental properties, however, traditional bank loans can be difficult to navigate due to rigid guidelines and substantial down payments. A hard money loan from Priority Investor Loans provides you with a greater opportunity to invest in rental properties, especially in Houston and the surrounding areas.
RENTAL PROPERTY LOANS - Hard money lending

Priority Investor Loans, LLC (PIL) is a trusted Houston hard money lender and one of the most respected hard money lenders in the industry. We provide simple financing options to real estate investors so you can quickly secure the property that you have identified.

Texas is one of the ideal locations to invest in rental properties... let Priority Investor Loans help!

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan, also known as an investment property loan, is a short-term loan that does not require the traditional 20% down payment. They are commonly used by real estate investors who purchase distressed properties that need to be renovated. Hard money loans are typically interest-only loans with emphasis on the real estate asset as opposed to the investor/borrower.

ARV Meaning?

The amount of the hard money loan is often based on the After-Repair-Value (ARV) of the property in question. A licensed appraiser takes the proposed repairs into consideration and estimates the value of the property subject to a complete renovation, hence the term “ARV”.

“Temp-to-Perm” Loans

A common term in the industry, a “temp-to-perm” loan combines the temporary loan (i.e. hard money loan) which covers the purchase price of the property, and the permanent loan, which is a conventional-type loan at a lower interest rate that amortizes over 20 to 30 years.  Because of the rapid pace of the real estate market, hard money lending is a great option that allows investors to quickly obtain funds and get the edge over other prospective buyers. Hard money loans also allow the borrower to immediately begin renovations once the deal is closed by providing repair capital that is held in escrow. Upon completion of the renovations, your temporary hard money loan will be immediately converted into a permanent loan which will allow for maximum cash-flow as you hold the property for many years.

Mini-Perm Loans

In addition to temp-to-perm loans, Priority Investor Loans also offers a long-term loan for investors who want to build a rental property portfolio. This loan product is designed for properties that require little to no renovation. Real estate investing in single-family properties, multi-family properties, and commercial properties has been regarded as a proven strategy for building long-term wealth. The mission of our dedicated service team is to help you obtain real estate loans in a manner that’s as expedient and convenient as possible.