Reasons You Need to Invest With Priority Investor Loans

Why should you be investing with Priority Investor Loans (PIL), and what makes us stand out from competitors? For over 12 years, PIL has been your #1 hard money lender in the Houston region. We provide short-term, private lender loans and investor rehab loans to investors for: homes, multi-family/single-family, rental properties, fix and flips and more. PIL works to encourage quick and convenient investment funding through these dependable hard money programs.

At Priority Investor Loans, our clients turn into family. We value each relationship with our investors and strive to maximize the communication, professionalism and thoroughness of each deal. Investors always leave extremely satisfied, knowing we’ll be here when they want to invest again. Our team is made up of the finest real estate professionals in Houston who are dedicated to finding the ideal solution for you.

During this time of uncertainness due to COVID-19, our group never stopped working on getting you fast and reliable funding. We have been working daily to ensure your loan financing in the midst of a pandemic. Not only does this mean for residents of the Houston area metroplex, but also for any major city in Texas. We always commit to make sure you receive fast funding, even during trying times.

Contact us at (281) 377-4708 or apply now for an efficient hard money loan process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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