Fix and Flip Loans

Priority Investor Loans offers loans for every type of real estate investor, including those that are renovating a property to resell on the open market (“fix and flip” loans) and converting the investment into a rental property for long-term cash-flow.

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Trying to obtain a loan can be challenging especially if you need funds quickly for a distressed property. Financing through conventional means, such as a traditional bank, will often take 30-45 days and the process can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Priority Investor Loans offers flexible, competitive rates on hard money loans and the process is relatively simple.

If you search “hard money lenders near me”, you will find that Priority Investor Loans is a leading competitor in the real estate market. As a private money lender for residential and commercial real estate, we have the capital to quickly fund loans.

The distressed property you purchase will need to be repaired before listing it for sale. Our fix and flip loans are the perfect solution to funding the purchase and renovations while keeping more money in your pocket.

Hard Loan Calculator

Rehabs or flip properties are a great investment strategy that involves time, energy, and risk. Individuals that are new to flipping houses often forget certain expenses that may ultimately decrease their profit margin. In order to secure the best deal and evaluate the potential gross profit, it’s important to know the specific variables involved in the calculation. Knowing which variables are relevant and having a means to determine them will help you get a better perspective of the project’s strengths and weaknesses. Using a hard money loan calculator will help you analyze the merits of your deal and get approval for your rehab or flip project.